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Progress Bars

These modular elements can be readily used and customized across pages and in different blocks.

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Basic Markup

Stack's horizontal progress bars use simple and uncluttered markup, using a simple data attribute to assign the bar its progress value.

In its most basic form the bar requires a parent .progress-horizontal element with a child .progress-horizontal__bar element. This element requires the data-value attribute which should be assigned a numeric value from 1 - 100 (Note: there is no need to add a '%' symbol to the attribute).

The label that appears below is represented by a <span> element with class .progress-horizontal__label

<div class="progress-horizontal">
  <div class="progress-horizontal__bar" data-value="80"></div>
  <span class="progress-horizontal__label h5">Progress: 80%</span>
Progress: 80%
Progress: 40%
Progress: 20%

Modifying Appearance

Controlling the appearance of the progress bar is achieved using the following classes added to the .progress-horizontal element:

NOTE: Animated progress bars are will be added in a forthcoming update.

  • .progress-horizontal--lg - Renders a larger progress bar
  • .progress-horizontal--sm - Renders a smaler
Progress: 40%
Progress: 20%