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Typed Headline

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Typed Headline

A neat decorative text feature that simulates typing out a number of specified words housed in a data attribute.

This effect requires a parent .typed-headline element that houses two <span> elements. The first <span> represents the part of the headline that doesn't change, and the second <span> with class .typed-text contains a the data attribute data-typed-strings. The data attribute should contain a list of strings to type separated by commas.

The typed text element can be modified with the following classes:

  • .typed-text--cursor on the .typed-text element adds a simulated cursor to enhance the typing effect
<div class="typed-headline">
	<span class="h4 inline-block">Static headline</span>
	<span class="h4 inline-block typed-text typed-text--cursor color--primary" data-typed-strings="words,or,sentences,to type"></span>
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